Cerise St. Clair
Age 16
Race Human
Gender ♀ Female
Birthday December 9
Zodiac ♐ Sagittarius
Blood Type O
Height 173 cm (5'8")
Weight 55 kg (121 lbs)
Personal Status
Relatives Cherie St. Clair (Mother)
Education Shirokishi High School
Professional Status
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 2
Cerise St. Clair (セリス・セントクレア, Serisu Sentokurea) is a major character and love interest of both Fuyuki and Aoto. She is the Student Representative of their class and head of the Student Council.


Cerise is a tall, thin woman with voluminous shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears the typical school uniform of Shirokishi with black thigh-high stockings and in the winter a pair of black leather gloves. She rides English in equestrian and is sometimes seen in her riding gear with a red coat and black boots.


Cerise is a serious, organized, busy academic with little patience for fellow students who don't take their work seriously. She can be rather judgmental and sometimes assumes to know a person before she really knows them, thus she can be seen as cold and sometimes even cruel. However she is warm-hearted to those she knows personally, and is open-minded enough to change her mind if something comes to light to make obvious her misconceptions. When not working, she can be jovial, friendly, and sincere, even if always a little bit distant.


  • Fuyuki Hibari - In the beginning, Cerise takes little notice of Fuyuki, except to reprimand him for spacing out in class and not taking things seriously, according to her. After an incident she begins to respect Fuyuki more, although it's never as much as he would like. She tends to be ignorant of what is going on in Fuyuki's life, and as such is left in the dark about much of the cast's activities, even when they begin to immediately concern her.
  • Aoto Osakura - Unlike most of the girls at her school, Cerise does not immediately take much notice of Aoto, or if she does, she never makes it obvious. In fact, they do not exchange words until well into their second year at Shirokishi. When they do it is always polite and somewhat aloof, giving the appearance that the two are in competition with one another.
  • Sayura Hibari -
  • Ryuuhei Akano
  • Madoka
  • Gen'ya
  • Isasu
  • Zeno Arakawa
  • Phaedra


Cerise started as a transfer student two years before entering Shirokishi. In that time she quickly won over the hearts of her classmates who unanimously elected her to be their Student Representative. She has travelled a lot with her mother and father and accompanied her parents on business trips. She has also toured a lot to compete in equestrian sports.






  • "Cerise" means cherry in French. In English it describes a deep reddish pink.