Exorcism (誓縛, Seibaku, lit. "Oath-binding") is the act of casting out demons from a person's body. There are several ways to perform an exorcism.




There are several ways of evicting a Tsukigami from its host, or a Rokami from its territory.

  • Yūshu (優手, lit. "Gentle Hand") - used by most Espers. In this method, the Chain is not broken, and the Tsukigami is simply cast out, free to wander the Physical Realm.
  • Kanseibaku (完誓縛, lit. "Complete Exorcism") - used by Vespers. It eliminates the Tsukigami from the Physical Realm, leaving only the Shigyoku.


Vespers use Kanseibaku, often killing the demon, whereas the Irin use Yushu and to cast them into Hell.