Fuyuki Hibari
Nicknames Yuki-chan (Hanata)

Yuki-nii (Sayura)

Fuyukkun (Madoka)

Age 15
Race Human
Class Esper
Gender ♂ Male
Birthday March 20
Zodiac ♓ Pisces
Blood Type AB
Height 173 cm (5'8")
Weight 59 kg (130 lbs)
Personal Status
Relatives Sayura Hibari
Education Shirokishi High School
Professional Status
Affiliation The Agency


Base of Operations Hibari family home
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1
Likes Puzzles, sweets
Dislikes Blood, cooking, hospitals, feeling helpless
Hobbies Skateboarding, music, art, daydreaming
Fuyuki Hibari (雲雀 冬樹, Hibari Fuyuki) is the main protagonist of the series. He was born a natural Esper but had his abilities Sealed prior to the storyline. After having an NDE during the attack from Madoka, Fuyuki's powers have been Awakened.[1]


Fuyuki is a thin fifteen-year-old boy with somewhat messy medium-length black hair and brown eyes.[2] He is of moderate stature and is physically quite weak; because of his illness, he is often forced to rest and is prohibited from taking part in rough play and contact sports. When attending school he wears a black gakuran. When working at Ichibanmen, he wears a collared white shirt and black pants and apron; when working as a Vesper, he wears a black longcoat and white button-up.


Fuyuki is generally patient, genial, friendly and warm-hearted. In the beginning, he is shown to be rash, immature, and even a little cowardly. However, after Hanata's death, he becomes very protective of his sister Sayura and acts as her guardian; as such, he is very responsible and reasonable and is always looking out for the welfare of others.[3] However, he is easily irritated by those who fail to take responsibility for their actions and can be prone to bouts of temper. His short temper is also short-lived, but when he is truly angry, he shows a cold, simmering anger that is not so predictable, nor easily dissolved. Despite his fragile physical condition and penchant for running away, he is actually quite fearless, as seen when he puts himself between Ryuuhei and Madoka during their first encounter and even attacks Seraphim many times his size.[4]


  • Sayura Hibari - Fuyuki maintains a close relationship with his sister. The two are each other's only family and thus they are very protective of one another.
  • Ryuuhei Akano
  • Madoka
  • Aoto Kurogane
  • Hiryuu Kurogane
  • Cerise St. Clair - Fuyuki has a huge crush on Cerise, but she seems so far above him in every way. He gets extremely embarrassed, to the point of hiding, when she walks into the restaurant where he works; earlier he made up some story about a more glorious fake job. She never seems to notice him though.
  • Gen'ya
  • Isasu
  • Zeno Arakawa
  • Phaedra


Fuyuki was born to [?] and [?] Hibari in the town of [] in Ibaraki Prefecture. Shortly after his birth it was discovered that he had clotting issues when injured. The noted surgeon and hematologist Hiryuu Osakura, who is also the father of his best friend Aoto Osakura, became his regular doctor.

When Fuyuki was eight, his mother was killed in a car crash caused by Vouriot, who sought his missing soul shard in Fuyuki's soul. Hanata and Sayura were injured, but Fuyuki was unharmed, save for a single scar over his heart where the shard lay. Their doctor, Hiryuu Osakura, managed to save Hanata. Hiryuu offered the children a hand, but Hanata moved his siblings to a small apartment on the outskirts of town, where he picked up a job at a local udon shop and acted as guardian for his siblings.[5] Dr. Osakura insisted that he continue treating Fuyuki for free, and as a result Fuyuki always feels indebted.[6]


At the start of the story, Fuyuki is working at Ichibanmen to help support himself and Sayura. He worries about his entrance exam, which is early the next morning, and about the fact that he is being kept late at work when he should be home studying and resting up for the big day. After a crowd of sixteen last minute customers flood into the shop, Fuyuki angrily reminds his boss that he has an exam the next morning, but his boss shows no leniency.

Frustrated, Fuyuki goes to serve a lone customer who appears to be reading the local newspaper. After no response, Fuyuki realizes the man is snoring. He leaves the food at the table and locks the front door to prevent any more customers from entering. He then stops by a booth where his sister Sayura is drawing while waiting for him to finish work. After a brief exchange, he goes back to work, but is quickly stopped by a mysterious girl who entered the shop after he locked the door. The girl orders noodles by showing him the front sign of the shop. At first Fuyuki tries to deny her, but after a moment he shows some sympathy and adds her order to the queue. On his way back to the kitchen, he is stopped by the man who was snoring, who has a complaint about the food.


After his Awakening, his receives a letter from an unknown sender which is later identified as his Calling. The Calling is an acceptance, or invitation, to the Genni School of the Occult which is given to young Espers who have performed a heroic or great feat, or one great enough to have been felt by reknowned Espers who manage the school. At first, Fuyuki initially casts off the idea of a psychic academy as some kind of joke. However, his fresh experiences with the spirit world, failure of his entrance exam, and his new companion Madoka prompt him to reconsider. Upon an attack that happens at the Hibari residence, in which Sayura is injured, Fuyuki accepts.

The next day, Fuyuki and Madoka go to the location named in his Calling via an Apporthole. To Fuyuki's surprise, it is the location of Shirokishi Private Academy, the most exclusive high school in the area. At this, Fuyuki returns to his former skepticism and almost writes it off as a joke. However, Madoka finds a secret entrance in, whereby they meet the Principal and his vice principal. The Principal immediately takes a disliking to Fuyuki, telling him to go with the others with whom he belongs. The vice principal, however, is more accommodating, and she gives Fuyuki his class schedule along with other paperwork. He leaves the room and quickly bumps into Aoto Osakura and Cerise St. Clair, both Shirokishi students. Aoto turns out to be an old childhood friend. Fuyuki develops a slight crush for Cerise.

Fuyuki and Madoka continue on their way. In the midst of sorting through his new paperwork, Fuyuki finds one of the papers blank. At first he thinks it's a misprint, until Madoka touches it and reveals the ink underneath. They are directions to a secret "Room of Mirrors" in which his first appointment will take place. After much searching, he stumbles across the dance studio, where there is one girl sitting in silent meditation. She introduces herself as Raika Kamakari, and quickly questions Fuyuki about the bruising on his arms, which he hadn't noticed earlier.


They meet their instructor, an elderly Esper, and are given details for an examination that they must pass in order to be fully accepted into the school. Students that fail have their memories wiped and are sent home. Fuyuki expresses his disbelief that he received an acceptance letter only to have another entrance exam, but with Madoka's beckoning, he finally agrees to take the test.


Fuyuki was born with Esper abilities; however they were sealed up until the first chapter. He has exceptional sight, as when he sees demons and creatures of the spirit world that few others can see. He manifests an Athame called Atemi that takes the form of a dagger in its initial summon but can extend to a full length katana.

Despite being half demon, Fuyuki does not have regenerative abilities typical of their kind, which is most prominently displayed in his inability to heal from bleeding.




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