A Hagoromo (羽衣, Robe of Feathers or Feather Mantle) is a robe worn by angels and other celestial beings. It consists of a white shitagi, kosode, and hakama, or sometimes a white kimono, with an overlying cloak made of feathers, scales, or fur.


A hagoromo is necessary to access the spirit dimensions, such as Aidenn. It serves as a power limiter in the human world. It also protects the wearer (and their Shigyoku, most importantly) against physical harm, as well as elemental and spiritual attacks. The fabric is fireproof.


The hagoromo takes the appearance of the wearer's true form. For Fuyuki, this is a bird or a phoenix; for Ryouta, it's a ram.


  • Fuyuki Hibari gains a hagoromo of feathers.
  • Isasu wears one of fur and scales.
  • Ryouta's appears to be made of torn leather with steel spikes adorning one side. It was once a full coat but has been damaged beyond repair, with most of the left side missing.
  • Gen'ya may have one. If it is his, it is made of hard plates, like a turtle's, with some fur and scales.
  • Japheth wears one of hard plates.
  • Tsuyasu's is made of feathers.