Hanata Hibari
Nicknames Nata-onii (by Sayura)
Age 22 (appears 17)
Race Vesper
Gender ♂ Male
Blood Type A
Height 175 cm (5'9")
Weight 66 kg (145 lbs)
Personal Status
Relatives Fuyuki Hibari

Sayura Hibari

Professional Status
Affiliation The Agency
Base of Operations Hibari family home
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1
Likes Cooking, puzzles, family game nights
Dislikes Working late hours, sad stories
Hobbies Taking walks, picnicking
Hanata Hibari (雲雀 端田, Hibari Hanata) is the older brother and guardian of Fuyuki and Sayura Hibari.


Hanata is a young man with short brown hair and warm grey eyes. He has a medium build and frequently wears business clothing due to his day job of being a salaryman. Since becoming a Vesper after an accident when he was seventeen, he doesn't appear to have aged since.


Hanata is patient, genial, friendly and warm-hearted. He acts as the guardian to his younger siblings and is responsible and protective. He is cheerful and encouraging even during difficult times, which sometimes gives the image of a "sinister smile" when he is angry. His goal is to see Fuyuki and Sayura grow up into great, respectable people that he had the privilege of raising.


  • Fuyuki Hibari - Hanata and Fuyuki are close, but their relationship is sometimes strained. He is rather protective of Fuyuki and often doesn't let him go out until he "proves" that he is grown up enough to handle it. Fuyuki, on the other hand, rebels against what he believes is Hanata's overprotectiveness.
  • Sayura Hibari - Hanata adores his little sister and refers to her as "my little princess." He often brings her home candies and trinkets which Fuyuki says is spoiling her.


When Hanata was fifteen, the family was involved in a car accident that left his mother dead and he and Sayura severely injured; however, Hiryuu Osakura was able to save both him and Sayura; however, he was saved with the Shigyoku of an angel, which turned him into a Vesper. He was left alone to raise Fuyuki, who was seven, and Sayura, who was one. He picked up various jobs, including working as a delivery boy, mechanic and later a salaryman, to support his siblings.

Shortly after his seventeenth birthday, Hanata was caught in an accident near the location of their mother's death. He became a Vesper around this time. Since then he began working night shifts as a Vesper, under the guise of a second job as a newspaper editor, to properly develop his abilities and to support his family. It also kept Hanata away from his family during his "sickness." Because of


Hanata first shows up in Fuyuki's window while he tries to sneak back into the house. He confronts Fuyuki on where he's been, saying that it's dangerous to go out alone in light of the recent disappearance in the neighborhood. Hanata deduces that Fuyuki went to visit their mother's grave, which Hanata ordered him never to do.

After dinner, Hanata gets ready to go to his "second job," which is secretly that of an exorcist, and instructs Fuyuki to make sure Sayura gets to bed early. He takes on his assignment and goes to the place where their mother died, which is also Hanata's "haunt." He senses Fuyuki nearby, who disobeyed and snuck out again, and rushes to his aid.

He wears his mask to conceal his identity, but it releases his more powerful form, which takes up a lot more energy. This is actually necessary because the demon he faces is not just any demon, but an incarnation of Vouriot named Toirov who is possessing one of Fuyuki's classmates. The halo of energy around Hanata makes Fuyuki mistake him--from the back--for an angel, until Hanata turns around and Fuyuki sees the mask. Toirov proves extremely powerful and Hanata wears out his power, losing his mask in the process. He is soon overcome with the urge to devour, but the only person nearby is Fuyuki, who is in the range of his pentagram.


Hanata orders Fuyuki to take his Athame and shatter the crystal, purifying it. Toirov is cleansed and vanishes, and the monstrous form and aura surrounding Hanata disappears.


After learning that Fuyuki would be hunted down by Vouriot, Hanata had a seal placed on himself and his brother so that Fuyuki's powers would be sealed until Hanata's death. He tells Fuyuki that it was necessary to be purified, and that sacrifices must be made, or else Vouriot will return to power. With this he gives Fuyuki one last gift--a shard that [...].


Hanata displays several abilities that are essentially Vesperian techniques. He also has [].

  • Heightened awareness: Hanata is aware of Fuyuki being in danger even from far away.
  • Masks: