"Even heaven will fall..."

Legion (億朝星, レジオン, Rejion; lit. "Hundred Million Morning Stars") are a massive force of loosely affiliated militant Ochigami which aim to return back to the Otherworld.


Legion consists of Angels who Fell and became Ochigami.


Because Legion is a vast group of Ochigami, their goals vary across the board. Generally, Ochigami share the same state of suffering, so their goals have to do with appeasing this suffering. Legion consists of Ochigami who wish to return to the Otherworld and regain their immortality. Many in Legion desire to overthrow those who currently dwell in the Otherworld, although there are some who wish to live peacefully with their former comrades.

Aims may be one or more of the following:

  • Return to the Otherworld
  • Overthrow those dwelling in the Otherworld
  • Escape the state of suffering they endure on Earth
  • Regain immortality


The abilities of Legion varies from Ochigami to Ochigami.

Known LegionEdit

The following is a list of known Legion members.

  • Nightmurre
  • Wraith
  • Tsun-tsun