Race Seraph
Gender ♀ Female
Zodiac ♎ Libra
Blood Type O
Height 152 cm (5')
Weight 41 kg (91 lbs)
Personal Status
Professional Status
First Appearance
Madoka (愛花, Madoka) is an Ochigami who lives with Fuyuki Hibari and was once a Seraphim in the Otherworld.[1]


Madoka appears as a human girl with a heart-shaped face, long white hair and bangs, and large pale eyes. She initially is shown wearing a kimono similar to that of a miko, but changes to wear a casual dress early on.

In her true form, Madoka bears a pair of short dark curved horns and rounded Seraph ears.[2]


Madoka is cute, playful and very curious. Although she cannot talk, she is adept at making new friends even while frustrating many of those around her. She likes everyone to get along and does what she can to make everyone feel welcome. She also has a voracious appetite and eats huge amounts of food, testament to her extended dormancy. She has little regard for monetary value and can eat through food and burn through money faster than Fuyuki can fill up his wallet.




Around 600 years ago, Madoka was Sealed and cast out from the Spiritual Realm.[3] Upon arriving to the Physical Realm, she developed a case of amnesia and had no recollection of who she was or where she came from.[4] After wandering around as a Rōkami for several days, she became a Tsukigami and took to a dormant state inside her host, where she remained for centuries. With each generation she passed onto the next child until she gradually awakened from her slumber.[5]

Shortly before the beginning of the storyline, Madoka awakened and left her host. After several centuries of dormancy she was incredibly hungry and sought out the first food source she could find.[6]


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  • Her favorite foods include noodles (any kind) and pomegranate with honey.[7]
  • In the beginning she has a tendency to steal items including food, clothing, and random cute things. She eventually learns not to take things without paying for them.
  • She carries a notebook around in which she records strange or unusual things which later receive clarification from Fuyuki. For example, this is how she finds out about pomegranates.[8]


  • "I'm looking for my heart."


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