Ochigami (堕神, Fallen Spirits; Fallen Angels) are spirits that have fallen from grace and are forced to dwell in the Living World. Ochigami fall into two major classes: Rōkami (Wanderers) and Tsukigami (Possessors).


Most Ochigami start off as Celestials in Seikai. For one reason or another, usually after breaking a Covenant, they are Bound and cast out of Seikai down to the Living World. Being bound indicates a state of sin. Angels may become Ochigami for several reasons.

  • Unpardonable sins, such as:
    • Devouring another soul
    • Killing another Celestial
    • Partaking of human blood
    • Falling in love with a human
    • Attempting a Resurrection
  • Rebellion:
    • Assisting or affiliating with Legion
    • Assisting an Ochigami, by either Unbinding them or helping them with an unauthorized return
    • Taking part of any activity that may harm Seikai
  • Taking hosts in a malevolent way
  • Breaking a Seal or a Covenant
  • Using forbidden techniques
  • Teaching humans forbidden arts, or revealing esoteric knowledge to humans

In addition, Ochigami can be born into the Mortal realm from two Ochigami parents. The child itself is not Sealed but may be unable to enter Seikai.


Because Ochigami are no different from their Celestial counterparts, they may take any form. In the Physical Realm, their bodies may take one of two states: Ethereal or Corporeal.

In Ethereal form, they cannot be seen by normal humans. They depend on consuming spiritual matter, either by absorbing spiritual energy around them or siphoning off human and animal souls.

In Corporeal form, they can be seen by normal humans and maintain a physical body with a need for physical sustenance. Thus, they depend on consuming blood, flesh, and other fruits of this world.

In both states, Ochigami may maintain their true godlike appearances or take on an alternate appearance. Often, those living in and around human settlements will take the form of a human, either to live among them or to fool humans and protect themselves. In addition, they may take on a host, in which case they remain Ethereal are are referred to as Tsukigami.

Normal humans cannot see Ochigami unless the Ochigami decides to make itself visible. Espers are able to sense or even see Ochigami.

Physical matter vibrates at a lower frequency than spiritual matter, thus if an Ochigami is injured, they are sometimes forced to take on a Corporeal body. It is in this state that they desire to consume physical matter.


Ochigami can be divided into two major categories:

  • Rōkami (浪神, Wandering Spirit) - An Ochigami that does not take on a host but instead lives in its original body. They may be either Ethereal or Corporeal.
  • Tsukigami (憑神, Possessing Spirit) - An Ochigami that takes on a host, either to feed off of it or as a vessel for hibernation. They are always Ethereal.

In addition, they can be divided into two major states:

  • Ethereal (幽体) - A body or state in the spiritual realm.
  • Corporeal (有体) - A body or state in the physical realm.

Rōkami may take either an Ethereal or Corporeal state. Tsukigami, as Possessors, are confined to an Ethereal State.


In their fallen state, Ochigami have lost their ties to immortality and must depend on things within the Physical Realm to survive. They may feed on either of the following:

  • Blood
  • Soul matter or energy

Depending on the duration of their exile, the states of souls around them, and the Ochigami themselves, Ochigami can behave in many different ways. Some, such as Nightmurre, adjust well and thrive in their new life in the Physical Realm. Others, such as Wraith, become unstable and dangerous to those around them.

Occasionally Ochigami are Unbound and returned to their rightful place in Seikai. However, if they have had a taste of Blood, or consumed the Soul matter of another living being, they are almost never satisfied with the unnecessity of eating in the Spiritual Realm. It is said that once they have tasted blood, they can never return to the world of angels.


All Ochigami have their Hakuriki Sealed when they are cast out of Seikai. This is to prevent disruptions in the Physical Realm, as well as to prevent unlawful return to Seikai. Usually the Seal takes the form of metallic cuffs or bands on the Ochigami's wrists, ankles, and throat. With these in place, it is impossible use their Hakuriki, thus they are confined to using only innate abilities such as shapeshifting, healing, strength, and speed. In this state they cannot use any Ki based attacks, nor can they open Portals, other dimensions, or even manipulate spiritual energy beneath their feet.

  • Shapeshifting - Almost every Ochigami is capable of shapeshifting without Hakuriki.
  • Healing - Any innate healing abilities held by the Ochigami remain intact, such as their saliva salve.
  • Strength - Ochigami display massive strength even when barred from their power.
  • Speed - Ochigami display extremely high speeds, with some fast enough to pass unnoticed through heavily populated areas.
  • Telepathy - Those Ochigami which were previously able to foresee the read minds and communicate mentally in their glorified state maintain this ability.
  • Precognition - Those Ochigami which were previously able to foresee the future in their glorified state maintain this ability in their Fallen state.

Because they have lost their immortality, Ochigami must depend on humans and other spirits for survival.


In their sealed state, Ochigami are restricted from using any type of Hakuriki-based ability. This includes all Tendō and even simple energy manipulation such as healing. They are grounded from flying, opening Portals, manipulating spiritual matter, or any other technique that would ordinarily enable them to travel between worlds or open other dimensions.

Known OchigamiEdit