The Oniwabanshō (お庭晩星, "Vespers of the Court") is the black ops and special forces division of Vespers under NUE.[1] It is the eighth and final arm of the organization, as well as the most secretive. It is nicknamed "the Invisible Arm."


Not much is known about the history of the Oniwabanshō.


Not much is known about the organization of Oniwaban and their purpose under NUE. It is known that Oniwaban are only loosely affiliated with one another, knowing only a single superior and subordinate. This makes the chain of command, as well as all parties involved, extremely difficult to trace.

Known MembersEdit

No members have been explicitly identified with this division.


  • Oniwabanshō is a play on Oniwabanshū, the undercover government agents of the Edo Period popularized as ninja. The kanji of banshū (番衆) means guard, whereas banshō (晩星) is Vesper.
  • The logo found on certain items related to the Oniwabanshō spells "Zenzizenzizenzic," which is the power x8.


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