Phaedra Vacanti
Nicknames Phae, Fey
Age 24
Race Vesper
Class Vhoul
Gender ♀ Female
Birthday January 1
Zodiac ♑ Capricorn
Blood Type O
Height 178 cm (5'10")
Weight 59 kg (131 lbs)
Personal Status
Professional Status
Affiliation Project ESPer

Ryuuhei Akano

First Appearance
Likes Horror movies, trolling online, shopping
Dislikes Boredom, being interrupted, static lifestyles
Hobbies Playing dress-up, scaring people
Phaedra Vacanti (ファイドラ・バカンティ, Faidora Bakanti) is a disembodied spirit who was the accidental result of a failed experiment in Project ESPer. She is affiliated with Ryuuhei Akano.


Phaedra is a disembodied soul, and as such can turn into almost anything.[1] Her usual appearance is one of a tall, slim woman with purple hair, narrow green eyes, and a splitting grin, with a rather revealing bra-like top under her tailored uniform. However, she can take on almost any form, including the Cheshire cat, the Grim Reaper, Santa Claus, butchers, executioners, ninja, devils, genies, southern belles, and many others. She also impersonates the other characters. One of Phaedra's favorite pastimes is playing dress-up, and she can frequently be seen changing clothes—and faces—on a whim.


Phaedra is a very carefree, independent spirit, in contrast with her moody, introspective partner Ryuuhei. She is sneaky and a bit of a trickster, but is also brutally honest and critical. She has a hard shell and expects the same of others. She is very good at playing a double agent because she can maintain many different personalities and facades, even without changing her face.

Phaedra is very talkative but is usually silent about her feelings, both about the way she feels toward others as well as feelings regarding her own unusual situation. She tends to make the best out of any situation so others tend to see her as positive and upbeat and never bothered by unusual circumstances, although Ryuuhei has stated otherwise.[2] She is very adaptable. Although her partner Ryuuhei makes enemies out of almost anyone he meets, quite the opposite is true of Phaedra, and she makes friends and admirers very easily.


  • Ryuuhei Akano - Phaedra has a special relationship with Ryuuhei. They argue a lot and often she ends up trying to slap sense into him, but they are willing to lay down a lot for one another. They never question one another's methods and are completely capable of letting one another do their own thing, thus they both respect one another's independence. According to Ryuuhei, she saved him from despair when he was a child.[3] She often refers to him using a myriad of insults, including "the idiot," "the one who swallowed paint chips as a child," and other such unflattering names.
  • Fuyuki Hibari - Phaedra frequently refers to him as "young grasshopper" or "the (other) idiot" and sometimes calls Fuyuki and Madoka "the children" or "the turtledoves." According to Ryuuhei, she may have a soft spot for them, but she will never admit it. She is very hard on Fuyuki.
  • Madoka -
  • Zeno Arakawa - Although Zeno is Ryuuhei's official partner, Phaedra never appears to be jealous, yet their relationship is often tense. Phaedra likes to mess with him, pulling office pranks and moving his files around when he's not looking. However, she also understands exactly what it's like to be stuck in an environment you want no part of and so doesn't understand what he finds so captivating about his career. Phaedra is rarely sympathetic but has expressed sympathy for him, which only makes Zeno angry.
  • Gen'ya - Initially Phaedra is wary of Gen'ya because even though he is an Ochigami, he still has strong connections with the Seraphs they are fighting. However, she eventually accepts him and even refers to him as "the gentle giant" or "the quiet one."
  • Isasu - As a detached soul, Phaedra generally stays out of Isasu's way.
  • Nightmurre - Phaedra has a bit of a running rivalry with Nightmurre. This is seen in the ways they often confront one another, and often end up fighting one another. In a way they are foils of each other, both having similar stories and abilities but very different outlooks.
  • Wraith - Phaedra refers to him as "the crazy one" and often makes comments about him snapping and killing them all. Althoughs she frequently describes Ryuuhei and Fuyuki and several others this way, she is serious when it comes to Wraith. She instructs Fuyuki to be extra careful around this guy.
  • Atemus Sabriel Blythe - Phaedra refers to him as "the wannabe cowboy." She makes fun of his love of Westerns and exaggerates the cowboy theme when doing impressions of him, to the point of mocking him. His intense desire to kill Ryuuhei makes him less likeable in her book.


Phaedra has stated that she was a con artist in her previous life.[4] However, around fifteen years before the current timeline, it is revealed that Phaedra worked as a secretary in a business office and hated her job,[5] finding it far too boring and a waste of her creative potential. In addition she ate the same food every morning and night. She craved excitement but couldn't break out of the mold she found herself in, thus she often became restless and depressed. She frequently caused trouble invoking foreign spirits and playing with her ESP powers, which nearly got her fired several times.

Because the scientists had no spiritual abilities of their own, she went undetected and lingered around the site where the experiments took place. It wasn't until she entered NUE that she was acknowledged by other Vespers who could sense her presence. Ryuuhei Akano was the first person to acknowledge her existence, and vice versa.


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  • Phaedra loves playing dress-up. She hates boredom and will often create scenes or drama to entertain herself.[6]
  • Her last name means empty or vacant in Italian.


  • "As an immortal now I'm even more apt to becoming bored."


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