Rōkami (浪神, Wanderer or Wandering Deity) are a type of Ochigami that do not take hosts and instead turn to vampirism or spirit devouring as a form of energy siphoning. Its Bound counterpart is the Tsukigami (Possessor).


Rōkami can take many different appearances. As Ochigami that choose to remain in their natural forms, they are not confined to the shell of a host, thus they can appear (and not appear) in any form they choose. Those living near human settlements may take the form of human themselves, while those living further from humanity tend to take their true form or the form of plants and animals around them. Rōkami always have the option of turning visible or invisible as they see fit.


Rōkami typically wander around the human world, preying on humans or living on the outskirts.


Rōkami generally display the abilities typical of an Ochigami but have more freedom than their Tsukigami counterparts. They are sealed before they are cast to the Human World and therefore cannot use their Hakuriki, thus they are confined to using only innate abilities such as shapeshifting, healing, strength, and speed. However, they cannot use any attacks based on their own power, nor can they open Portals to other dimensions or manipulate spiritual energy beneath their feet.

  • Shapeshifting - This is a natural ability of most spiritual entities and is not affected by the seal.
  • Healing - Any innate healing abilities held by the Ochigami remain intact. It excludes any healing that actively uses one's Hakuriki.
  • Strength - Massive natural strength is retained even in an Ochigami state.
  • Speed - Lightning speed is retained even in an Ochigami state.
  • Telepathy - Those Ochigami which were previously able to foresee the read minds and communicate mentally in their glorified state maintain this ability. Not all Ochigami have this ability.
  • Precognition - Those Ochigami which were previously able to foresee the future in their glorified state maintain this ability. Not all Ochigami have this ability.


Like all Sealed Ochigami, Rōkami are restricted from using their Hakuriki. They are dependent on external sources for prolonging their existence, thus many become Incubi or vampiric in nature.

An Unsealed Rōkami has full access to all its powers. The only difference between an Unsealed Rōkami and a regular Seraph is the need for earthly sustenance.

Known RōkamiEdit

  • Madoka - Currently living as a Rōkami after having lived as a Tsukigami for several centuries.
  • Gen'ya - Has lived as a Rōkami for centuries. He retains his true form and lives away from human settlement.
  • Nightmurre - Usually alternates between being a Rōkami and a Tsukigami.
  • Wraith - He is strongly opposed to the concept of taking a host, and as such has lived as a Rōkami for years. However, his mental connection to Nightmurre and his inability to deal with violence and bloodlust is taking its toll and he has become incredibly unstable.
  • Eidolon - Known Rōkami and Tsukigami.