Tsukigami (憑神, Possessor or Possessing Spirit; sometimes 月神, Moon Deity) are Ochigami that bind themselves to and possess host vessels. Its unbound counterpart is the Rōkami (Wandering Spirit).


Tsukigami, when inside their hosts, are invisible to normal humans and difficult to detect even to the most experienced Espers. They reside within their host and are impossible to see with the naked eye. One of the best identifying characteristics of a Tsukigami within a person is its Reiki, which may be colored, white, or distort the air around it.

When entering or leaving a host, [].

If a Tsukigami destroys its host, it may either leave through the orifices, through melting its host, burning it, splitting it, etc.


During possession, Tsukigami can take either an active or dormant state in their host. Tsukigami in an active state are called []. In a dormant state they are called [].

In the [active] state, the Tsukigami is awake and may actively control their host or simply be aware of everything going on around them. They may actively siphon off energy from their host or take control of the host's body. Often they incur Signs of Possession in their host.

In the [dormant] state, Tsukigami are almost impossible to detect, and they are able to sleep for centuries if undisturbed. In this state the decaying process is slowed, and so they are able to exist for long periods of time without feeding. In this way they are able to stave off the inevitable without effort.


Sealed Tsukigami are limited in their abilities and are only capable, in an active state, to do as much as their host body is capable of. In most cases Tsukigami are rendered completely powerless because most humans do not possess any spiritual ability. They cannot use any attacks based on their own power, nor can they open Portals to other dimensions or manipulate spiritual energy beneath their feet.Healing - Any innate healing abilities held by the Ochigami remain intact. It excludes any healing that actively uses one's Hakuriki.

  • Strength - Tsukigami are sometimes able to impart their immense strength to their human hosts. Usually, however, this is limited by the capabilities of the host.
  • Telepathy - Tsukigami are able to read the minds of their hosts. They are also able to read the minds of others around them, and communicate these thoughts with their hosts.
  • Precognition - Those Ochigami which were previously able to foresee the future in their glorified state maintain this ability. Not all Ochigami have this ability.

Unsealed Tsukigami are capable of almost anything in their normal body as they are in their host vessels. However, the host vessel may be easily destroyed by any great display of power.


Sealed Tsukigami are completely restricted by the capabilities of their hosts. If a Tsukigami takes possession of a host who has no spiritual awareness, they will not be able to manipulate the host's Hakuriki into any sort of spiritual matter. They may simple devour their host's soul or drive them mad. In a case where a Host does has spiritual abilities, Tsukigami are able to manipulate attacks through the host's power. A sealed Tsukigami itself cannot use its own power.

There are limits to what a Sealed Tsukigami can do, even within a host with full spiritual capability. This comes down to what humans are capable of.

  • Shapeshifting - A Tsukigami cannot shapeshift inside its host. Nor can it make the host shapeshift without destroying it.
  • Speed - A Tsukigami cannot make a host move faster than is within the host's capability. Doing so could destroy the host.

An unsealed Tsukigami is capable of using all their power within the host vessel, at the danger of destroying their host. If they possess an individual with no spiritual ability, they are still able to use their innate power through their host. This is because they are no longer working through the host's body, but separate from it.

Known TsukigamiEdit

  • Madoka - Lived as a sleeping Tsukigami for several centuries before being woken and leaving on her own will. She currently lives as a Rōkami with the Hibari family.
  • Nightmurre - Usually alternates between being a Rōkami and a Tsukigami.