A Vhoul (無流, ブール, Būru, lit. "Non-Flowing") is a Vesper soul which lacks a physical body. Vhouls are a cross between angel and human as a result of Project ESPer, and as a result are stuck between worlds, unable to continue on the Cycle of Reincarnation. They are sometimes referred to as hungry ghosts. The term is usually derogatory.


Vhouls were the accidental product of human-angel experimentation under NUE. They were souls that were spliced with angel spirit but were unable to remain attached to a human body. Currently, the remaining Vhouls wander the earth, unable to continue in the Cycle of Reincarnation. They are cursed by standards of both the spiritual and material worlds; with a soul that is tainted with the Ochigami, they cannot ascend, but without a proper body they cannot live a fulfilling life in the physical realm. They cannot pass on because they are tied to the lower realms through their Corona.

As Vesper offshoots, they suffer many of the same issues as Vespers.

Initially, Vhouls were considered a superior alternative to the Vesper. Vhouls lack a physical body and thus have no need for physical sustenance, including the blood that Vespers frequently crave. They were also able to go undetected to normal humans. However, Vhouls were found to have a hunger even stronger than Vespers. Vhouls were also less likely to follow orders because there was no incentive for them to do so.

At this time, no new Vhouls have been created.


Vhouls can fulfill many of the same functions as their Vesper brothers. They are able to perform exorcisms


Known VhoulsEdit

The following is a list of known Vhouls:


  • The word is a cross between Vesper and ghoul.