Zeno Arakawa
Nicknames Speedy, Slowmo, Z
Age 22
Race Vesper
Gender ♂ Male
Birthday April 10
Zodiac ♈ Aries
Blood Type A
Height 183 cm (6'0")
Weight 68 kg (149 lbs)
ID Number A-1262
Personal Status
Relatives Sayona Arakawa (Sister)
Professional Status
Affiliation Project ESPer

The Agency


Partner Ryuuhei Akano
Rank 甲 Esper of the First Degree
Base of Operations The Agency
First Appearance
Likes Zippers, coffee, being on time
Dislikes Buttons, nattō, slow people, babysitting
Hobbies Paperwork
Zeno Arakawa (荒川ゼノ, Arakawa Zeno) is an Esper of the First Degree and is the current partner of Ryuuhei Akano.


Zeno is a slender man with short black and longer blond hair and dark rings beneath his grey-green eyes. He wears a modified version of the official Vesper uniform, including a black and yellow suit underneath and yellow bands fixed on the arms of his longcoat. He sometimes sports a pair of dark sunglasses when out on a mission, thinking it makes him look more "incognito."


Zeno is impatient and hotheaded, but he never rushes into situations without some kind of plan. He is intelligent, a quick thinker, and can put himself several steps ahead of his opponents--thus what appears to be rash action is actually carefully and thoughtfully planned out. He is responsible and hardworking, and carries most of the workload given to him and Ryuuhei.

His goal is to reach the top, most importantly the top of NUE. He is highly ambitious and puts every ounce of energy into attaining his goals. Promotions are important to him, but he sees them as just one step closer, rather than a position to settle into. He is extremely competitive and does not hesitate to show it, as shown when he constantly compares himself to Ryuuhei or challenges him to a match.

Despite being sometimes rude and talking without thinking, he values respect, and he is much more likely to apologize for any wrongdoing than his partner Ryuuhei. In fact, the only person who constantly sets him off is Ryuuhei himself, and he can be incredibly rude and disrespectful to his partner. Ryuuhei describes him as a suck-up to their superiors, but Zeno simply places much more importance on integrity and respect than Ryuuhei does.

Unlike Ryuuhei, he sees his metamorphasis into a Vesper positively. Turning humans into Vespers is an advancement, and Zeno is thankful for his "second life" and his transformation into a demi-god. He pities Ryuuhei for seeing everything as destruction, and instead sees the Vesper life as rebuilding.



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Zeno is first heard over the phone when he contacts Ryuuhei about the status of his current mission.